Gray Laminate Cabinet Interiors

From: Showplace Wood Products

ShowplaceEVO from Showplace Wood Products has introduced new coordinating gray laminate interior finishes for a selection of the company’s popular cabinetry designs. The gray laminate interiors reflect the interest in gray-toned cabinetry and the sleek elegance of ShowplaceEVO painted, high-gloss acrylic, wired and foil finish doors in complementary hues. The gray laminate interior is available with ShowplaceEVO painted cabinetry in Acrylic Graphite, a deep, dramatic hue; Acrylic Dark Gray, with a balanced gray tone; and Acrylic Black. High-gloss patterned acrylic cabinetry also features the new gray laminate interior, and includes: Wired Cobalt, featuring a smoky blue tone with a wired texture; and Wired Mercury, reflecting the popularity of gray as a primary or accent color. The smooth, seamless style of ShowplaceEVO Gauntlet Grey foil finish cabinetry is complemented by the new gray laminate interior. 

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