Grid 3-D Printed Bath Faucet

From: Kallista

Kallista unveiled the Grid Collection, a testament to the clean, minimalist forms that rose to prominence with the advent of the De Stijl movement at the turn of the 20th century and its shift from excessive decoration to employing the principles of geometry to create precise works of art. The collection includes a bath sink faucet executed using 3-D print technology, a wall-hung console, lighting and accessories. Kallista partnered with 3rd Dimension, a 3-D printing specialist and metal manufacturer specializing in 3-D direct metal printing. By using DMP, Kallista was able to recreate Grid’s intricate form. The form is developed through a layer-by-layer process of powdered steel that is then laser fired to liquid and cooled before another layer is added until the form is complete. Through 3-D printing, the company can achieve the Grid sink faucet’s open form and discreet interior channels that allow the water to flow easily through the base. The Grid sink faucet is paired with the graphic Cube handles, open squares that are scaled appropriately to comfortably conform to the hand. The firm’s new Matte Black finish is exclusive to the Grid Collection.


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