Cove Luxury Dishwasher

From: Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero and Wolf have launched their newest brand, Cove, providing an entry into the dishwashing segment. The dishwasher provides luxury performance in four main areas: cleanliness, loading flexibility, drying quality and noise. Forty-three jets, three spray arms, a four-stage water filtration system and cycle options work together to ensure clean water reaches the dirtiest dishes and cleans them, with no prewashing necessary. Adjustable racks and tines can accommodate uniquely shaped dishes and dishware configurations, along with delicate stemware. Fan-assisted drying, a hotter final rinse, rinse aid and specially angled tines prevent pooling. Cove also includes an Internet connectivity feature, allowing users to set up and start wash cycles – and receive notifications when cycles are complete or supplies are needed – all from a mobile device.

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