Vanity of Contrasts

From: Devon & Devon

A vanity unit with a characteristic Sixties design, Summertime evokes the aesthetics of liquor bars of that period. The smooth and shiny curved lines of the wood structure provide a sophisticated black-white color contrast. Additional black/white play occurs with the top and upper part in absolute black granite, and the Rose model washbasin in white porcelain. Three large, push-open drawers provide ample storage. Summertime can also be produced in a soft nuance cream with deep black profiles, or in warm grey, blue violet, red, fango, prune and antique aluminium leaf. The top and upper part are available in various marbles: white Carrara, black Marquinha, Calacatta, white Afyon, absolute black granite, Botticino Fiorito, crema Marfil, graphite grey and Bardiglio grey.

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