Panels simplify interior thin brick installation

From: Speedymason

Speedymason Peel n’ Stick panels install directly over existing sheetrock or wall sheathing and, once the first panel is level, there is no need to run string lines. Adhesive is already applied to a panel, and any thin brick product can be used on the panels. Install an interior accent wall in six steps: fasten the 16- by 48-in. panel to the wall, remove its release liner, lay out the thin brick, place the bricks on the panel, grout the joints and, finally, strike joints. The grout locks around the brick into the Peel n’ Stick panel.

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Dave Schachner
Dave Schachner September 5, 2019 - 3:27 pm

I imagine it might be a good solution for manufactured thin bricks. However for reclaimed thin brick it is a nightmare. We attempted to use this on some reclaimed antique Chicago thin brick. These bricks are dusty from when they cut the face off the whole brick. The dust prevents the bricks from sticking to the panel adhesive. It’s almost impossible to get the bricks clean enough to stick. We had to use alcohol on a rag to wipe the bricks because water would take too long to dry and wet bricks don’t stick either. Even after the cleaning about 20% of the bricks didn’t get clean enough and we had to use liquid nails to get them to stick. It was unfortunate that we installed the Peel n’ Stick on the entire project prior to applying the bricks so we were stuck.

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