Pro-grade moisture detection

From: Extech Industries by FLIR

Extech Industries, a division of FLIR Systems’ Instruments segment, launches its MO53 and MO57 pinless moisture meters to make it easier to tackle water and mold remediation jobs or rapidly assess moisture content in building materials without leaving pin marks. The meters provide pro-grade moisture detection and measurements as dep as 4 in. using running the MO57’s external spherical probe along a surface or up to 1 in. deep with the MO53’s integrated sensor. The moisture meters can be used to measure moisture in wood (up to 99.9 percent) as well as other building materials (MO57: 99.9 percent; MO53: 56.5 percent) such as wall board, sheetrock, plaster, mortar, concrete as well as tiles (using the MO57). Featuring large displays, the meters indicate a numerical percentage value and graphic icon indicators for at-a-glance view of low, medium or high moisture. Also, an audible beep increases in frequency as moisture levels increase.

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