Personalized Hydrotherapy

From: Jacuzzi Luxury Bath

Jacuzzi Luxury Bath has launched the Elara Plus bath, a hydrotherapy circuit whirlpool tub. The bath features three unique massage seats that provide tailored hydromassage to key muscle groups. The Lounge seat offers a full-body treatment, the Waterfall seat envelops the body from above with a neck-massaging waterfall and the Blissful Back seat relaxes sore back and lumbar. Standard features of the Elara Plus include 28 flush-mount jets, a multi-colored LED-lit waterfall, chromatherapy, two electronic controls and three gel pillows. To minimize noise and vibration related to a jetted system, the tub also features two pumps with the company’s Whisper+ Technology, and the brushless motor offers eco-friendly heat transfer to the water, using 60% less energy than a standard heated whirlpool system, according to the firm. For cleanliness, the tub includes the Jacuzzi CleanLine anti-microbial water lines, gravity-assisted, drain-down plumbing and the Jacuzzi Systems Clean formula.

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