Rich Tones for Enameled Cast Iron

From: Kohler Co.

In keeping with a growing desire for more color within the home, Kohler has introduced the Shadows collection for Enameled Cast Iron products, comprised of three vibrant hues: Lavender Grey, Indigo Blue and Black Plum. A soft, feminine hue inspired by muted lavender tones, Lavender is versatile in warm to cool settings and provides a modern take on one of Kohler’s first historic colors, Lavender, released in 1927. Indigo Blue is a rich, saturated finish celebrating the authenticity of natural indigo dye, providing an unexpected refresh to the navy blue category. The warm hue of Black Plum is inspired by dark saturated purples found naturally in fruits and vegetables, and deep moody hues emerging in modern fashion. The new colors will be available on several bathroom and kitchen products including the DemiLav Wading Pool, Iron Plains bathroom sinks, Iron/Impressions vanity-top bathroom sinks, Tea for Two baths, Artifacts bath, Whitehaven kitchen sinks, Iron/Tones kitchen sinks and Riverby kitchen sinks.

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