Weather, moisture management for open joint cladding

From: Benjamin Obdyke

Benjamin Obdyke launches its UV-rated Open Joint Cladding System in response to the open joint cladding trend using reclaimed wood, composite planks or panels. Comprising InvisiWrap UV, HydroFlash UV and Batten UV, the system is covered by a 25-year performance warranty when all three products are used together. The InvisWrap UV is an unprinted, matte black nonwoven housewrap that can be used with siding openings up to 2 in. and has a UV rating of up to 12 months before siding install. Optimized for all weather, HydroFlash UV+ self-adhered flashing can be used for penetration flashing and covering furring strips so they’re invisible behind open joints. Batten UV rounds out the system and can be used to create a 3/8-in. rainscreen gap for optimal drainage and drying.

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