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How do your casement windows help residential remodelers?

Marvin’s “Built around you” promise means top performance for the remodeler as well as for the homeowner. We can craft a casement in virtually any size, style or configuration. That means more design options and more room for creative solutions. We meet the highest standards of energy efficiency. Marvin’s Ultimate Casement and Ultimate Replacement Casement offer unmatched innovation and ease of use. And all our products are backed with a dedicated team of support specialists real people to answer any questions the remodeler has.

What’s the next advancement in the market? 

The next advancement is here now: Marvin’s Ultimate Casement, certified by the Passive House Institute U.S. We recently introduced this window for passive construction and other projects demanding the highest standards of energy efficiency. Superior energy efficiency is now an expectation for all construction materials, and particularly for windows. We’re proud to manufacture a PHIUS-certified window. We expect further advances in window technology aimed at increasing energy efficiency, allowing even larger expanses of glass while contributing to Passive and LEED-certified construction, as well as greater efficiency in typical homes. 

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