Ozone Faucets

From: Lenova, Inc.

The faucets in Lenova’s Ozone collection feature exclusive water-air patented technology that infuses ozone directly into the water through a patented chamber inside the spout. This process creates ozonized water that is safe to drink and makes an effective disinfectant with many applications, states Lenova. The benefits of ozonized water have been said to effectively help remove more than 99% of the most common bacteria and pesticide on food, hands and kitchenware, reports the company. Lenova’s Ozone faucets use an oxidizer that instantly kills pathogens, the firm adds. The ozone concentration is under 0.05ppm and meets the standard of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The faucet collection includes six styles of bath or kitchen faucets, including a Single Lever, Twin Lever, Pull Out, Filtered Water and an Ozone Sensor style. All are available in a brushed nickel or polished chrome finish.

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