Modular Refrigerator Drawer

From: U-Line

U-Line has launched two new modular 24” Drawer Models, spanning U-Line’s Modular 3000 Series and 1000 Series. The 3000 Series Independent Dual-Zone Drawer Model is designed to maintain sustain temperatures to within 1°F of the set point. The U-Select Control allows for choice from one of five pre-programmed modes, or any temperature ranging from 34°F -70°F. The black interior gently illuminates with LED theater lighting when open, dimming off when the door is closed. The upper bin includes Slide and Divide bin organizer, which adjusts to hold tall items, while the lower bins are large enough to fit two 1-gallon containers with additional space for more storage. The drawers stores up to 90 12-oz. bottles or up to 142 cans.

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