Fan SelectCycler System

From: Panasonic Eco Products Division

The SelectCycler System from Panasonic Eco Solutions North America is a whole-house mechanical ventilation solution that complies with ASHRAE 62.2. It combines the best parts of central fan integrated and exhaust fan ventilation to provide an energy-efficient solution for supply or balanced ventilation, according to the firm. SelectCycler can be integrated with the home’s existing or new HVAC system, and features two modes of operation – hybrid and balanced. In Hybrid mode, the supply damper opens to bring fresh air in. If normal heating and cooling cycles do not meet required ventilation, the controller powers on the ENERGY STAR certified WhisperGreen Select fan via the FanConnect wall switch to provide supplemental ventilation. During Balanced mode, the controller opens the supply damper and activates the WhisperGreen Select fan at the same time. A range hood sensor that solves depressurization issues by allowing ‘make up air’ to enter the home when the range hood is turned on is also available.


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