MicroDerm Therapeutic Bath

From: Mansfield Plumbing Products

The MicroDerm Therapeutic Bath available from Mansfield Plumbing infuses bathwater with millions of microbubbles to help a bather relax and feel rejuvenated, as well as soften the skin, notes the company. Liquid-film technology saturates the bath with up to 50% more dissolved oxygen molecules than in regular bath water, the firm adds. Gently bursting microbubbles release heat to invigorate the skin surface and warm the water. MicroDerm comes in rectangular, oval and corner shapes. There are 25 different tubs, including both one- and two-person versions, available in white, bone, biscuit, almond, black, ice gray and British khaki. Trim finishes are available in white, bone, biscuit and polished chrome.


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