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GE’s New Autofill Pitcher Refrigerators Are Filled to the Brim with Convenience

GE Appliances adds a large, continuously filled water pitcher to select refrigerators for a constant source of filtered water for entertaining, cooking and more
LOUISVILLE, Ky.”April 13, 2016”Reaching in the refrigerator only to find that you’ve forgotten to refill the water pitcher is a nuisance of the past, with the introduction of GE’s Autofill Pitcher technology, available for select GE refrigerators.
The pitcher holds 74 fluid ounces, making a large quantity of chilled, filtered water always available in the kitchen”perfect for at-the-ready after a long run, serving water on a hot day to guests on the patio, or any other situation that calls for a large amount of chilled water to be on hand.
The Autofill Pitcher operates through a magnetic sensing system. A first magnet switch indicates when the pitcher is in its designated space for refilling; a second, floating switch indicates when the pitcher has reached capacity, stopping water flow. The Autofill Pitcher technology is now offered in GAS18PGJWW and GAS18PSJSS refrigerators, among GE’s most popular models, with a new filter.
“The development of the original Autofill Pitcher as a DIY add-on aftermarket accessory allowed us to perfect the design on a small scale, before scaling it to mass manufacturing,” said Jason May, top freezer product manager for GE Appliances. “We discovered that many top freezer owners were already pitcher users, but with frustration points of inadequate filtration, and having to constantly fill the pitcher.   Creating a solution to these problems is why we advanced the technology and added it to our lineup.”
GE’s Autofill Pitcher technology allows consumers to provide purified water with ease, as it simply refills the pitcher when replaced on its designated stand within select GE refrigerators.
Almost six in 10 adults own at least one water filtration product, with pitchers being the most popular. And, with 36 percent of owners thinking that water filtration product are too time-consuming to fill up*, having the pitcher fill automatically cuts down on worry and hassle. With summer on the way, the Autofill Pitcher also offers a great alternative to taking up precious refrigerator space with bottled water and helps to eliminate waste associated with used bottles.
The GE Appliances refrigerators with Autofill Pitcher are available now with an MSRP ranging from $899-$999.

In more refrigeration news, four of GE’s popular built-in refrigerators are moving production to the company’s Selmer, Tennessee manufacturing plant, where GE Appliances has built its trusted Monogram® Series built-in dispenser refrigerators for years. To learn more, visit the pressroom.
*Source: Mintel Reports-U.S.

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