Rivo Bath Vanity

From: Scavolini

The Scavolini Bathrooms storage units represent the utmost freedom of composition and versatility, for the widest possible choice in terms of modularity, finishes and colour combinations. The aim is to guarantee the solution most appropriate to the needs of each customer, so they can choose from more than 150 finishes, for a total of more than 1,500 articles.


Units with drawers, pull-out baskets, wall units, horizontal and vertical cabinets and open-fronted compartments in various depths are the elements that make up the collections in the Scavolini Bathrooms range, with the utmost attention to detail, extreme care during design and great aesthetic refinement as the common denominators. These aspects are well demonstrated, for example, by the inside of the units featuring the same finish as the doors and the wealth of accessories proposed for the very greatest stylistic and functional personalisation, ranging from internal wooden partitions for drawers and pull-out baskets to those which can be placed on the tops or wall mounted, available in various versions, shapes and sizes.

RIVO This collection of units, characterised by the 45° recessed grip profile acting as grip and opening, is presented in these finishes: matt and gloss lacquered, decorative melamine, lacquered decorative melamine and veneered, all available in many colour variants. The base units are available in two depths, 38 and 52 cm. The recessed grip profiles are very striking, in the same finishes as the doors, which maintain stylistic continuity in part through a side panel that closes the unit laterally and allows the cut of the door to be hidden.

The wall and tall units and cabinets on the other hand adopt squared doors which open either through push-pull or shaped bottoms.

Available for combination with Rivo are 25 washbasins, resting or built into the tops of the units and available in Cristalplant, mineral-marble, glass, stone or ceramic, wall- or floor-mounted sanitaryware, taps, shower trays and enclosures and baths, but also mirrors, accessories and a line of 30 lighting systems.

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File: Rivo_pag46_part1.jpg

Rivo by Scavolini Bathrooms (Studio Castiglia Associati design)

In the photo, units from the Rivo collection by Scavolini Bathrooms comprising gloss lacquered Dove Grey base units, Prestige White matt lacquered open-fronted compartments, with washbasin built into the Cristalplant top. Side facing panel and filler strip under base unit lacquered “Solid” white.



Unit/base unit: 150×52×25 cm (W×D×H)

Washbasin: width 85 cm


File: Rivo_pag46_part2.jpg

Rivo by Scavolini Bathrooms (Studio Castiglia Associati design)

Detail of unit from the Rivo collection by Scavolini Bathrooms, gloss lacquered Dove Grey, that demonstrates the wealth of drawer versions with storage compartments.


File: Rivo_pag58.jpg

Rivo by Scavolini Bathrooms (Studio Castiglia Associati design)

In the image, complete bathroom setting from the Rivo collection by Scavolini Bathrooms. On the right, wall-mounted cabinets and open-fronted compartments matt lacquered Absolute white. “Sunwood Ash” veneered base units and unit with side facing panel top and filler strip under base unit lacquered “Solid” white, with resting double “Bowl” washbasin in San Gaudenzio Stone.



Wall-mounted cabinets and open-fronted compartments: 120×25×175 cm (W×D×H)

Unit: 190×38×50 cm (W×D×H)

Wall units: 50×25×75 cm (W×D×H)

Pair of mirrors: 50×50 cm (W×H)


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