Thin Large Format Tiles

From: Nemo Tile + Stone

Nemo Tile’s 1.2 Think Thin Line features 1/2” thick tiles rather than 3/8″ thick. This breakthrough is a synthesis of advanced technology harnessed to cut, handle and pack from quarry to installer. The tiles can be applied to any surface with the proper substrate and setting material, allowing for a seamless slab-like look. 1.2 Think Thin lowers shipping costs by up to 50%, and lighter tile makes for easier handling and installation. The line includes: Bianco Carrara ‘C’, Bianco Carrara ‘CD’, Satuario, Calacatta, Bardiglio, Bianco Namibia, Graffite, Fio di Bosco, Nero Marquina, Vratza and Zecevo in polished, honed and brushed finishes.

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