Downdraft Cooktop

From: Jenn-Air

JennAir utilizes proximity ventilation, located on the cooktop rather than above it, with its Electric Radiant Downdraft Cooktops with a three-speed JX3 Downdraft Ventilation System. Featuring a 310-cfm blower capacity, the ventilation system performs quietly while capturing smoke, steam and odors at the cooking surface. Duct-free installation can be achieved with the duct-free filter kit which includes a HAPA filter. The electric radiant cooktop models come in 30″ and 36″ configurations and include glass touch electronic controls with an amber LED display. Its ceramic glass surface comes in a Euro-Style stainless design with a stainless steel border or borderless black floating glass design. Radiant elements on the 36″ electric cooktop include the 12″/9″/6″ Triple Choice Element providing cooking flexibility to accommodate various sizes of cookware; a two-tiered 10″/6″ Dual-Choice Element also handles various sized cookware.

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