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Water conservation is becoming a bigger issue all over the world. To help this cause the Australian-based Caroma International is bringing its smart technologies from the world’s driest continent to the North American market. Its latest unique offering to U.S. homeowners is the Profile Smart toilet.

The Profile Smart from Caroma features an integrated faucet in the tank lid. This high-efficiency dual flush toilet averages just 0.9 gal. per flush. Fresh water is directed through the faucet for hand-washing and then drains into the tank to be used for the next flush. This doesn’t replace a standard bathroom sink, but adds a rinse station in a bathroom. The Profile Smart is WaterSense labeled and has a large trapway, virtually eliminating blockages.

In the 1980s the Australian government approached Caroma to do something about water conservation because of the lack of water on the continent. Caroma started with the focus of water use, primarily in the bathroom. It was the first company to commercialize dual flush technology and centers on technologies that use less water, but act as if there is more water being used.

“The technology we have here today was launched in Australia in 2000, so we have a technological window of products that we are looking to bring over to the North American market,” says Derek Kirkpatrick, North American general manager of Caroma. “We’re bringing them here after much testing and when the market calls for the types of products we’re already making overseas. We evaluate a product’s water conservation, performance, price point and design and then introduce new technologies that are viable into the marketplace.”

Caroma makes a wide variety of bathroom fixtures like waterless urinals, sinks and showerheads. During the last 50 years, it has proven water savings of up to 18,000 gal. per year based on 1:4 solid/ liquid usage using a 3.5-gal. toilet for an average family of four and five flushes/person/day.

The H2Zero waterless urinal that Caroma has developed includes Bio Seal, a one-way air-tight valve to seal the cartridge from the drainage system and Bio Fresh deodorizing block. With a specially designed tool, touch-free replacement of Bio Seal and Bio Fresh block is easily enabled.

For more information on the Profile Smart and Caroma visit or Type #72 in E-Inquiry Form.

Comparative companies:

  • Class Five technology from Kohler is designed for extraordinary bulk flushing performance. These toilets feature gravity-fed technologies that maximize the natural force of water. Type #73 in E-Inquiry Form
  • The FloWise 1.28 HET Elongated Toilet from American Standard uses an average of 20 percent less water than a standard toilet with 1.28 gal. of water per flush. Type #74 in E-Inquiry Form
  • TOTO’s Dual-Max flushing system, found on several of its popular High Efficiency Toilets, offers the option of a 1.6 gal. flush or 0.9 gal. flush based upon need. Type #75 in E-Inquiry Form

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