Promote Your Business with Online Slideshows


You know what you’re doing. Your clients are in awe of the work you do. You’re proud of your work. You have photos of almost every job, many from beginning to end. So, are you sharing your expertise with the world? If not, it’s time to do just that.

Nothing tells the story better than photos. You can have an album of pictures in your office; you can carry one with you; you have photos on the wall; and you even have photos on your website. But consider sharing them in even more ways.

Slideshows have long been a great presentation tool. However, you’re limited if you have to set up a projector and give a talk about your work. Even if you have the slideshow on your laptop and take it with you, you are still showing your work to one or two people at a time. It’s time to add another tool to your toolbox.

There are several services on the Internet that allow you to share slideshows, some even offer the option of setting up your slideshow without having to download any software. Don’t be intimidated, just find the photos you want to showcase and move forward boldly. Build your slideshow and share it through one or more online outlets … free. These services offer more robust packages for a monthly fee and you may want to subscribe to them, but you can start with no initial investment except your time.

You can set up multiple presentations. Once they are posted online, place links on your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Places, and anywhere else you have a presence. It’s all about exposure. Not only are the slideshows promoting your work, they are linking back to your website (where you share more information about your services and yourself). Refer potential clients to your slideshow.

Don’t be intimidated if you never worked with a presentation software. Sign up with Slideshare or Sliderocket; both offer free accounts. Be bold and let the world know about the great work you do. Promote yourself!

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