PropSys assessed fine for Lewiston developers’ lead-paint violations

by WOHe

Nov. 29, 2010 — LEWISTON, ME — Last year, the Environmental Protection Agency filed separate complaints against two Lewiston developers, charging each with a number of lead-paint violations at rental properties they either owned or managed.

Lewiston developer Travis Soule, the subject of one of the enforcement actions, never responded to the E0PA’s complaint, which contained allegations against him regarding seven of his rental properties.
According to William Chin, enforcement counsel for EPA, the case against Soule remains open and unresolved.

A complaint against PropSys Inc., owned by developers Lee Griswold and Steve Griswold, has been settled, and PropSys has until Jan. 12 to pay a $39,162 civil fine to the EPA. The management company had been facing fines of up to $154,400.

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