Public Relations Viewed as a Key Tool to Driving Sales Efforts

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Public Relations Viewed as a Key Tool to Driving Sales

Hinsdale, IL Public relations can be a key marketing tool when
it comes to creating a favorable image of your company, your
product and your services.

In fact, by sending clear, consistent messages to the public and
press, kitchen/bath design firms can generate “astonishing results”
including skyrocketing awareness of your company, a public
perception of your company as a credible information source and
increased sales.

That’s the view of Walt Denny, president of Walt Denny Inc., a
Hinsdale, IL-based advertising/
public relations firm that focuses on home products clients.

Denny cites the case of Sears, Roebuck & Co., which set out
in the 1990s to transform consumers’ perception of the company from
out-of-step with the times to contemporary, relevant and upbeat. A
carefully crafted public relations strategy focusing on the “Softer
Side of Sears” rejuvenated a once-stodgy image into a fresh, new
consumer brand that re-energized customer relationships and boosted
sales, Denny points out.

“Like Sears, most companies will find that investing the time
and effort into developing a sound, strategic PR program will
inevitably result in rich, tangible business rewards,” Denny says.
“A strong PR program can provide the visibility and credibility you
need to put you on the radar screen of the right people, while
instilling a sense of confidence and goodwill in their minds about
your company, products and services.”

According to Denny, an effective PR program should include some
basic components. Among them:

  • Strategic communications objectives and planning.
  • Trade and consumer media relations.
  • Print and online media production and placement.
  • Ongoing market research initiatives.

Denny strongly advises that business owners outsource their
public relations workload to a reputable PR agency, instead of
trying to tackle all of this work themselves.

“Agencies typically have talented art directors, copywriters,
multi-media designers, photographers and other professionals who
can create the high-impact PR components you need,” Denny says.
“And, they already have strong ties with producers in targeted
areas of interest, which can mean more frequent and more strategic
publicity opportunities for your company. For PR agencies,
following up with editors, managing suppliers and planning events
are all in a day’s work.” 

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