QR’s ‘Marketing Matters’ Podcast Launched

by Patrick OToole

CHICAGO—Qualified Remodeler today launched a podcast designed to help remodelers and home improvement pros become better marketers—QR’s Marketing Matters. It is available today on Apple Podcasts and just about every other podcast platform.

The host of the podcast is a well-known expert in the remodeling and home improvement industry for over two decades, Rich Harshaw.

Rich Harshaw is the host of QR’s Marketing Matters podcast.

Harshaw has been a columnist for Qualified Remodeler magazine and is author of Monopolize Your Marketplace a small-business marketing manifesto, which debuted in 2004. Last fall he was a featured speaker at TOP 500 LIVE in New Orleans. Currently he is the owner of a consultancy, Level 10 Contractor.

“I look at this podcast as marketing training,” Harshaw explains. “Each episode will be 25 to 30 minutes, and each one will cover real marketing topics. They are going to be actionable. We will cover differentiation, websites, online marketing, social media, SEO, budgeting, text marketing, home shows, branding, broadcast media, direct mail, radio, TV, guerrilla marketing and a whole lot more.”

Remodeling and home improvement contractors often excel at delivering great design and construction solutions, but most are not trained in marketing. Episode No. 1 focuses on how to develop the right mindset to be an effective marketer. The title is “Marketing Mindset.”

“Over the years of working with Rich first as a columnist for our magazine then as a speaker at our events, we’ve known him to be one of the most knowledgable and effective communicators in the industry,” said Qualified Remodeler’s Patrick O’Toole. “Together with Rich we’ve created an initial lineup of podcasts designed to help our audience of 83,000 remodeling and home improvement contractors to meaningfully boost their marketing effectiveness. We want our readers to know that the fundamentals of marketing apply even at times like now when demand is strong.”

An additional 21 episodes are planned for this year. New episodes will be available every other week on the Qualified Remodeler website and all other podcast platforms. QR

Episode No.QR’s Marketing Matters’ Topics for 2022
1The Marketing Mindset: Thinking Your Way To Success
2Identity: Separating Your Business From The Competition
3Special Guest Remodeler
4The Trust Pyramid: Turning Strangers Into Friends
5Building A Website With Beauty And Great Bones
6SEO: Beating Google’s Dreaded Algorithm Is Easier Than You Think
7Special Guest Remodeler
8Facebook Advertising That Works
9Generating Organic Leads From Social Media
10What A Complete Marketing Plan Looks Like For Remodelers
11Special Guest Remodeler
12PPC Advertising: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
13Home Show Strategies: Double Your Leads This Fall
14How To Integrate Text Messaging Into Your Marketing
15Special Guest Remodeler
16Holiday Marketing Ideas
17Beginner’s Guide To Branding For Remodelers
18Why Radio & TV Never Works, And How To Fix It
19Special Guest Remodeler
20Guerilla Marketing: High Impact, Low Budget Marketing Tactics
21It’s Time To Implement A Brand Ambassador Program
22The Psychology of Advertising: Getting Inside John Smith’s Head

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