Radio Seen As Choice For Dealers

by WOHe

Radio Seen As Choice For Dealers

Radio is an extremely viable medium for kitchen and bath dealers
seeking to promote their services to local audiences. However,
there are some guidelines dealers should abide by when considering
radio, according to the National Kitchen & Bath

In its recently published “Member Marketing Planner,” the
Hackettstown, NJ-based NKBA issued the following advice for dealers
wishing to purchase radio air time:

1. Contact the sales manager at the radio stations you are
considering to determine the budget you will allot for advertising.
Tell each station you will be selecting several stations in the
market, and let them know your total budget. Ask for a proposal
based on one-half of your total budget. And remember, the most
important thing is to establish a budget for radio. “Airtime is
negotiable; the rate card is only a starting point,” the NKBA

2. Each station’s proposal should include the following
components: How many spots your money will buy; the cost for each
spot; the time slot(s) in which your spots will air; the number of
people you’ll be reaching with your message (per time slot plus
total), and the specific programs on which the spot will air.

3. Review all proposals, keeping in mind that what’s important
is the number of prospects you’ll reach with your radio messages at
the lowest cost. Create short messages that instantly pique the
interest of prospects (see example in box).

4. When creating a 60-second spot, include any discounts or
special promotions you may be offering. Co-op ads are a good way to
stretch advertising dollars. Check with manufacturers and
distributors to see if any co-op-ready advertising has already been

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