Recent NKBA Survey Details Use Of Computers, Software

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Recent NKBA Survey Details Use Of Computers,

Hackettstown, NJ Kitchen and bath design firms will spend an
average of $6,700 for computer hardware and an average of nearly
$4,500 for computer software over the next two years alone,
according to the results of a recently conducted member survey done
by the National Kitchen & Bath Association.

The NKBA survey, whose results were released last month, was
drawn from information received from some 850 association members.
The poll was conducted on behalf of NKBA’s Ad Hoc Technology
Committee, as part of the Hackettstown, NJ-based association’s new
strategic planning process.

According to the NKBA, surveyed kitchen and bath professionals
said they will spend a cumulative $5.7 million on hardware and more
than $3.8 million for software over the next two years. Results of
the poll also revealed that an estimated $14.8 million was spent by
surveyed NKBA members on computer hardware over the past two years,
while $5.2 million was spent on software over that same time
period, it was stated.

The survey disclosed, in addition, that close to half of the
respondents have individual computer terminals set up for their
employees, and that the average survey respondent spends
approximately four hours a week working from a computer, either at
work or at home.

Well over 50% of the respondents also have Internet access on at
least one computer in their establishment, as well as a Web address
and an e-mail account, according to the NKBA.

“In an age where e-commerce is continuing to thrive, the kitchen
and bath industry can no longer argue that it’s a passing phase,”
said Carol Lamkins, CKD, CBD, chairman of NKBA’s Ad Hoc Technology
Committee. “Instead, savvy kitchen and bath professionals are
becoming computer literate and incorporating technology as a basic
business tool.”

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