2019 Remodelers’ Choice 100: Remodeler Driven Results

by Kacey Larsen

Each month, our magazine features approximately 50 products among our product trends articles, new product coverage, spotlights on specific product categories, and more. We also have an article in each issue called Remodelers’ Choice, where reader requests and pageviews drive the in-depth product coverage.

So you, our readers, decide where the editors focus their attention for this particular product coverage. Because we appreciate that feedback—via reader service cards and visits to our website—the Qualified Remodeler team has compiled this spotlight on the past year’s most requested product information. It is the Remodelers’ Choice 100.

You will see the most requested products from April 1, 2018, through March 30, 2019. Each product included here appeared at least once within the magazine during that time period. Looking through these pages, a few trends emerge.

Time and Labor Savings Key

In today’s climate of labor shortages, it makes sense that many of the products piquing reader interest offer time and/or labor savings, such as Qora Cladding from Arcitell (p. 48) or the Speedymason Peel ’n Stick panels. There is also an apparent interest in products that solve problems, which makes sense considering how often remodelers are tasked with doing exactly that on projects. For example, Stone Harbor Hardware’s Swing Clear Hinges offer an alternative solution to widening doorways for aging-in-place needs; the Scott-Systems’ Float-Frame brackets can be used to levitate and elevate any surface; and the Ply Gem Leaf Relief Continuous Hanging System with an Access Panel for easy cleaning.

As far as broader product trends, there is a discernible interest in tankless water heaters, stemming from our July 2018 product trends coverage. Stone and manufactured stone veneer products—as well as tile products that look like stone or masonry that looks like barn wood—also stand out as popular products. Shower area solutions—ranging from drain systems to shower trays and tub/shower combos to shower faucet systems—make several appearances, too. Protecting homes, whether from extreme weather, air or heat leakage, also seems to be a recurring theme. 

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