Remodelers are awesome

Home remodelers do more than remodel homes; they fix problems, create beauty, improve life, build value, and make people happy every day

authors Rob Heselbarth | June 25, 2014

Take a minute and count the number of times in a day you help someone. I’m serious. Take 30 seconds and figure out the last time you helped someone during your work day. It happens more often than you might think it happens. Remodelers spend a large amount of time talking to people — clients, manufacturer reps, staff, subcontractors, lumber yard staff, supply house counter reps, zoning board members, engineers and many others — so odds are, you’ve helped someone today.

Too busy to do this? Don’t want to? Fine, I’ll make a list of how I believe remodelers help others each day.

Remodelers fix problems. Half of the house featured on page 16 of this issue was hanging by steel cables off the other half of the home. Floors sagged by several inches, and the framing above the kitchen had been compromised by a previous contractor’s shoddy craftsmanship. The homeowners feared for their safety, and that they’d have to tear down their home. A remodeler fixed the problem and improved living conditions, and did so in time for the homeowner’s child’s wedding. Think of how many times you’ve fixed similar problems for clients.

Remodelers improve life. During the past 40 years, this magazine has featured numerous remodeling projects in which remodelers modified spaces to improve life for their occupants, such as bringing family members together, providing privacy, creating storage or entertainment space and improving functionality. Homeowners, in desperation, look to remodelers as saviors who allow them to enjoy life in ways not experienced before.

Remodelers create beauty. When not solving problems or improving life, remodelers are making the world a more beautiful place. Clients seek out remodelers to make their homes beautiful; but, it’s not just their home, it’s their world. It’s where they spend two-thirds of their lives, and remodelers make that space beautiful. Think of the ugliest home you’ve remodeled. Remember how awful it was? Now think of how beautiful it is thanks to your work.

Remodelers build value. You’re not only a remodeler, you’re an investment consultant and financial advisor. Each day, you’re advising people how to invest their money, where to save, where to splurge and what has the highest rate of return. They entrust their precious money to you.

Remodelers support communities. Look at page 38 of this issue and spend 10 minutes reading this two-page article. It’ll make you feel better. The article highlights four remodelers doing good in their communities, helping those in need. Remodelers do much for their local communities, and are humble about it. When I meet remodelers they rarely talk about the community service they do, unless I ask. Then, I watch them light up when they tell me about it.

Even magazine editors help people. While at the mall recently I approached the top of an escalator and saw a mother with two children. The mother was urging one of the children to go down the escalator. The reluctant child would not budge, so the mom attempted the “Fine, we’ll leave you behind” strategy, hoping the reluctant child would be scared into following. Didn’t happen. The child then looked up at me and I held my hand out and asked, “Want to hold my hand and go down together?” She smiled, nodded, grabbed my hand and we went down the scary escalator together.  The mom couldn’t believe it, and all it took was a stranger’s outreached hand. It made my day. QR


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