Remodelers’ Community Service: Brian Ciota

by Kacey Larsen

When Brian Ciota says that “‘giving back’ isn’t just a slogan; it’s one of the values our company and employees live by,” he is referring to the commitment McClurg Remodeling & Construction Services, Marcellus, NY, employees have made to make people’s lives better and Central New York a better place to live. The company has many success stories to share about its efforts in the community, but Ciota is quick to acknowledge that the company gets help from suppliers and other organizations in the form of labor, materials and monetary donations.

“The projects we undertake are typically beyond the resources of our company. A major component of our community service program is to reach out to these other companies [like suppliers and other companies from the construction industry] and groups to explain the need and request their support. When we call on them to help, we are rarely turned down,” Ciota says.

Recent projects completed by the company with the support of others in Central New York include renovating the home of a family with 29 children, eight of whom are living at home, to help meet the family’s medical and space needs. McClurg employees have also build a deck so a paralyzed mother could watch her children play, repaired the Humane Association’s roof and built a playroom to fulfill a child’s wish through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

“It isn’t unusual for our employees to identify a local need and lead the efforts to make it happen. We help people and organizations then they ‘fall between the cracks’ and don’t have the resources to address fundamental needs,” Ciota says. 

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