Riemco Design + Build

by Emily Blackburn
Robert Riemenschneider
Robert Riemenschneider

Chelsea, Mich.
GQ All-time Recommend Rate: 100%
GQ 2021 Recommend Rate: 100%
Number of Jobs in 2021: 13
Type of Firm: Design/Build
CEO: Robert Riemenschneider

Business technology and business software are offering new ways for remodelers and home improvement professionals to improve client experience and customer satisfaction. In what ways are you using software or technology to improve client experience?:

Riemco Design + Build is doing our best to be forward thinking for our clients, who are busy people leading busy lives. We are continually moving in the direction to upgrade technology with avenues of communication to ensure that we are able to stay on top of concerns, change orders and daily communication with our clients. Our key to success, is our clients experience.

Rising costs for labor and building materials along with higher inflation on everything else is forcing remodelers and home pros to raise prices dramatically. Tell us about the most effective ways you are passing along these rising prices to your clients?:

We are working diligently to be sure we are passing along time frames, whether its delays or as expected on material orders, and helping our clients make key selections in a timely manner to ensure their project continues moving forward progressively.

Supply shortages have required you to ask clients to go back and pick another finish or building material. What are your tips for handing these product trade-off conversations?:

Often times, because we have worked hard with our clients to help with their selection choices early on, this has happened, but it is minimal. When it has occurred, our clients have been thrilled with our solutions to find an ulterior option, usually at a cost of the original selection. Our greatest advantage, is that we continually share information with our clients to continue to communicate effectively and in a timely manner.

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