Room Remodel


Gold Winner: Team Entry: Bruen Custom Building, LLC,. & Elements for Kitchen, Bath and Home, Inc., Morristown, N.J.
Project location: Harding Township, N.J.
Sq. ft. before: 857
Sq. ft. after: 857
Project cost: $36,800

The laundry room was transformed from an industrial all-white poorly functioning environment into an appealing multifunctional room for a designer show house in New Jersey. The existing room was completely demolished and reconfigured with buttercream and cherry cabinets, improved lighting and green granite countertops. A custom wrapping cabinet was designed to facilitate the use of the countertop below. Multiple spaces were added for working on a laptop, watching the news or a movie, wrapping gifts, doing crafts, arranging flowers, and, yes, doing the laundry.

The room was part of a biannual Mansion in May Designer Showhouse presented by the Women’s Association of Morristown Memorial Hospital. The mansion was built in the 1930s, and the walls and ceilings were masonry and not typical drywall. There were also a number of restrictions that were included in the lease agreement with the owners of the home (e.g., could not replace windows or flooring, had to stay within the original footprint, etc.).

The initial proposal and subsequent design decisions had to be approved by multiple committees and stakeholders. Finally, the project deadlines were non-negotiable, since the main event and several other fundraising events required that the project be completed by an exact date.

It was not possible to penetrate the masonry wall and ceilings without significant difficulty, effort and expense. Therefore, in order to run electrical wiring for the television, undercabinet lighting and other electrical service, a false wall was built in front of the masonry wall. A long track was run from the center ceiling box that had been used for fluorescent lights.

Specified Products

Appliances: Frigidaire
Countertops: Granite
Laundry Cabinets: Tedd Wood
Lighting fixtures: WAC, Portfolio
Paint: Benjamin Moore

Silver Winner:
Otogawa-Anschel Design-Build, LLC, Minneapolis, Minn.

Bronze Winner:
Wm. Shaw & Assoc., Houston, Texas

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