RRP Webinar and Burning Questions

by WOHe

January 3, 2011 — Learn how to manage the new EPA RRP Rules to your business advantage!

In this one-hour webinar, “Navigating the EPA Lead Containment Maze”, we will cover many aspects of running your business while complying with the EPA RRP Rule, including:

  1. BUSINESS OPERATIONS: How to set-up your business to fully comply, including paperwork, record-keeping, increased costs, and insurance.
  2. SALES & MARKETING: How to overcome customer resistance and objections.
  3. INSTALLATION & SERVICE: How to manage adding labor, material and clerical requirements and not lose money.

Our experts will share information and answer questions such as:


  1. Like most states, New Jersey has over $150,000 available to pay for Lead Safe Renovations – per job.
  2. Milwaukee Wisconsin offered $160 to homeowners if the replaced lead coated windows with new ones – per window.
  3. Vice President Biden recently announced $110 million in grants to clean up lead hazards last month.
  4. Lead Safe Work Practices can be fully tax-deductible to the owner.


  1. There is a simple change you can make to turn customer dread into relief
  2. There is a proprietary practice that is an effective marketing tool and saves up to 25% of the work you need to do.
  3. There is a federally registered Certification Mark (similar to Energy Star) you can use as a credential to differentiate your RRP service from your competition
  4. Your competitors might be your best customers.


  1. There is a simple and foolproof way to avoid EPA fines, homeowner litigation and avoid additional liability insurance.
  2. The RRP Rule itself absolves you any responsibility for any lead outside the scope of your work.
  3. A small sugar packet filled with Lead Dust is enough to contaminate up to 10 houses


  1. EPA does not require personal protection for your workers, but OSHA does.
  2. What role HUD plays in RRP.
  3. No Certified Renovator is authorized to sign a contract with anyone to do Lead-Safe Work.
  4. If you want to use subs for RRP, you have to pay their withholding and insurances.


  1. There are two accepted tests kits but only one can be used on sheetrock, plaster, metal, etc.
  2. Which is better, zippers for containment plastic or overlap?
  3. A simple and foolproof method to train workers time and time again, getting actual containment done while monitoring their work.
  4. You can cut containment costs and time by more than 50% when replacing windows using a simple technique.

There will be ample time to ask questions and get answers from well-known industry leaders.

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