Salary Increases for Executive-Level Architects


It’s good news for CEOs, presidents, senior architects, junior
architects, and office positions, according to results from
ZweigWhite’s 2011 Salary Survey.

ZweigWhite, a
business management company
works with architecture, engineering, planning and environmental firms,
surveyed annual base salaries for positions within architecture,
interior design and landscape architecture firms.

Top management and mid-level positions — CEO, president, senior
architect, junior architects, human resources, marketing — experienced
salary increases in 2010,
while some management positions experienced a decrease — CFO,
COO, vice president, structural engineers.

“COO salaries decreased in every region in 2010. The average salary in
2009 ranged from $158,051 in the Pacific region to $208,580 in the
Middle Atlantic. In 2010, it fell to $129,133 in the North Central
region to $202,128 in the Middle Atlantic region,” noted in the

Interns and drafters also saw a decline in salaries in 2010.

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