Salt Lake City is alive and kicking

by WOHe

Want to attend a trade show but don’t have money to travel?
Do you wish trade shows were after work hours?
Wouldn’t it be great if the trade show came to you?
And if it was free?
And if there were plenty of educational sessions to attend?
And if you won awesome prizes just for going?
And if you could eat and drink for free, too?

Dream no more. Pella delivers all of this, and more. The Pro Expo presented by Pella is a traveling trade show that will hit 30 major cities in 15 weeks this year. The shows take place at major sporting venues in each city from 3pm to 8pm on Tuesdays or Thursdays depending on the city. Check the website for details.

Last week, the first two Pro Expos took place in Denver and Salt Lake City. Residential Design & Build magazine and its sister publication Qualified Remodeler are media partners for these events, and will be manning a booth with editors at every one of them. Next stops this week are San Diego on Tue., Feb. 9 and then Phoenix on Thu., Feb 11.

Sign up to attend for free by visiting

Oh. One more thing. Pella is giving away a flat screen TV in each city. Here’s a shot of the Salt Lake City winner.

While stationed at my magazine’s booth in Salt Lake City, I met with many architects, builders and remodelers. I asked almost every one of them, “How’s business?†The majority of responses were “It’s getting better†or “Things are picking up.†That was great to hear. I suspect I will hear more of this over the next three and a half months as I travel to 14 more of the Pro Expos.

Two inspectors came to my booth and I asked them to tell me something I don’t know. One of them said, “Lots of people pulling permits these days.†Again, great news.

Come say hello to me, or my colleague Patrick O’Toole from Qualified Remodeler magazine, when the show comes to your town. We’d like to meet you.

Were you at the Salt Lake City or Denver Pro Expos? What did you think? Let me know. Or, scroll up to the first paragraph of this blog entry, look to the right and click where you see, “Leave a comment†or “Post or view comments.â€

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