Scott Siegal

  • Siegal: Five Ideas That Fit the Times

    by Kyle Clapham

    Five columns among the dozens I’ve written over the last several years stand out as being particularly apt for the times we are managing through. In no particular order, they involve: the importance of offering …

  • Siegal: Focus on Profit, Not Volume

    by Kyle Clapham

    Now that all the government stimulus money is out, and the tax credits have been used, contractors should start focusing on building their business. Now is the time to look at the types of work …

  • Top Home Improvement Pro Stories of 2021

    by Emily Blackburn

    This has been a record breaking year for home improvement professionals. Sales have never been stronger than now. But shortages of labor and supplies have eroded profitability. Here’s a look at the most impactful home improvement …

  • Siegal: Time for a Checkup

    by Kyle Clapham

    While business seems to be really good for everyone right now, it’s also come with a lot of uncertainty and difficulties. COVID-19 has thrown down challenges that would test the mettle of any business owner. …

  • Siegal: Skill-Building Never Stops

    by Kyle Clapham

    Facing a recruiting challenge? Most companies are. In many areas, the surge of business following the pandemic created an applicant shortage. So how do you get people to want to work for you? More money …

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