September Remodelers’ Choice

by Kacey Larsen

The following product received the most reader inquiries from the June issue of Qualified Remodeler:

Noritz America


Joining the previously released EZTR40 model, Noritz America introduces two additions to the EZ Series of high-efficiency, condensing tankless water heaters: the EZ98-DV and EZ111-DV. Engineered specifically for the North American residential market, the two models are designed to cut installation time and cost when replacing larger, storage tank-type units. Features include top-mount hot- and cold-water connections, the possibility of reusing a tank unit’s ½-inch gas line to avoid running a new one, and being offered separately for indoor or outdoor installations. Four venting options provide flexibility, including outdoor, direct vent, single vent and 2-inch flex vent, which utilizes an existing B-Vent used by a tank water heater.

The EZ98-DV tankless water heater has a maximum output of 180,000 Btu per hour and a maximum flow rate of 9.8 gpm, making it generally suitable for homes with up to three baths. Intended for homes with up to four baths, the EZ111-DV model has a maximum flow rate of 11.1 gpm and maximum input up to 199,900 Btu per hour. Both units are available in their own EZTR Bundle packages (EZTR50 and EZTR75) with the materials and accessories needed for direct indoor replacement of 50- and 75-gallon tank-type water heaters. Additionally, the Noritz Connect app is compatible with the EZ98-DV and EZ111-DV units, allowing for wireless remote control of heater functions and diagnostic and maintenance reminders. 

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The following product received the most reader inquiries in the past month on

Marvin Windows and Doors

The upgrades to Marvin’s Ultimate Double Hung Next Generation window—including intuitive operation and more flexible installation


tolerances—enable it to work harder without compromising its best features. One such enhancement is the auto-locking hardware with one lock point at the center of the top checkrail that automatically locks when the sashes are closed, providing an audible “click” to indicate that it’s locked. The lock can be removed and reattached if painting, without components shifting out of alignment.

Available in sizes up to 5 feet wide and 10 feet tall, the Ultimate Double Hung Next Generation window offers versatility in design. A range of simulated divided light patterns, interior and exterior color options, integrated interior shades and 10 hardware finishes provide customization options. A narrow checkrail offers a sleek aesthetic that maintains historical accuracy, while an aluminum interlock eliminates drafts and improves the window’s structural integrity. The Ultimate Double Hung Next Generation continues to include wash/tilt modes for full-window cleaning from inside the home, as well as a traditional 14-degree sill that bevels for a classic appearance with optimal water management.

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