Service Assists With Online Communication

by WOHe

Service Assists With Online Communication

Houston A new online program that enables home building
professionals to communicate with their staff, subcontractors and
customers has been developed by a Houston-based Internet services
provider, the company announced.

According to the company, HomeWrite, its Web site
provides builders and others with communications tools, as well as
a permanent online home record and manual for storing information
about a home.

With the company’s program, “HomeWrite for Builders,” a
subscriber can enter an array of information for each home such as
special features, floor plans, elevations, warranties, product
numbers, specs and paint colors so that they are readily available
for review by subcontractors and homeowners, according to the

The program, said company president and CEO Beau Engman, will
give builders “a competitive advantage by improving efficiency,
communications and customer service at a low per-sale

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