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Add detail to an outdoor space by taking advantage of the sun. That’s exactly what Parasoleil allows you to do with its architectural perforated panels. “These are panels designed for shade, privacy and architectural accent. Putting patterns throughout the panels — working with light and heat management and throwing shadows in an outdoor shade setting,” says Uriah Bueller, president and founder of the Boulder, Colo.-based company.

Designs range from geometric patterns to large meandering vines and flowers. Some are symmetrical and others asymmetrical — intended to work with a variety of landscapes, Bueller says. Panels are used as railings, shutters, awnings, water fountains, some interior spaces and are computer-generated. The company also can create custom panels.

Parasoleil even helps projects meet LEED points. “All the products we use are green certified,” Bueller says. “The type of material that it would replace is high in maintenance, contain toxic chemicals or will break down.”
Oftentimes, the company works with a landscape designer on a panel installation; however, it sometimes works with a contractor.

“The installation isn’t complicated. Panels are designed to fit any installation,” Bueller says. “Installation does depend on the fastening system but we usually use stainless steel screws.” Parasoleil works with the installer to provide recommendations and spacing of screws.

Because the panels take advantage of the sun, some have the misconception they get hot. “People think they radiate heat down but they don’t. The panels get hot, release heat through the holes and send it back up,” Bueller adds.
For contractors looking for something unique, these architectural panels might be the answer. “Panels provide a low-cost way to add a high-end feature to a home that draws the eye and is unique,” Bueller says. For more information, type 63 in E-Inquiry Form or visit

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