Show Us Where You Work


Send us a picture of where you work along with a brief description of why you like it and be eligible to win a $50 gift card.

Qualified Remodeler wants to know where you do your best work. Where do you accomplish the most? In your office? On the jobsite? By yourself or with others?

Simply submit a high-quality photo (jpg or tif), preferably with you in it, and include a few sentences about why the space is unique.

Selected photos will be published in the April issue of Qualified Remodeler. The winner of the gift card will be selected by the editors based on which space they believe is the most unique, creative, innovative, unusual, practical or appealing.

Deadline is March 8.

Send entries to:

Kenneth W. Betz

Executive Editor

Qualified Remodeler

If your photo is selected as one that we may feature – and as a finalist for the prize — we’ll follow up with a brief questionnaire or phone call to ask a little about your space, why you like it, and how it is effective in helping you enjoy your job, promote your business or just relax.

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