Showing up can be the difference between success and failure

by WOHe

Showing up can be the difference between success and failure. This is true in many parts of life, including business.

Some clients might not know that your company exists, and you could be missing out on who knows how much revenue because of this. These clients could use a friendly visit and a brief explanation of what you’re all about.

Then there are clients that are aware of your company but want to be visited and shown a little love and attention. They feel neglected and you might not even know it. So get out there, show them some love, let ’em know you’re there.

A third group of clients includes those who are aware of your business but have the wrong impression of it. Many times, you can thank your competition for this. It’s your duty in these situations to visit these clients to set the record straight and erase the false stories your competition is spreading.

Maybe you’re thinking the market is so bad in your area that showing up won’t make a bit of difference, no matter which group your client fits in. I wouldn’t know about that, but I’m certain of this — if you don’t show up you assure yourself of failure. So why not show up and give yourself a chance to succeed?

Do you have an example in which you simply showed up and were rewarded?

Share your example by sending me an e-mail. Or, scroll up to the first paragraph of this blog entry, look to the right and click where you see, “Leave a comment†or “Post or view comments.â€

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