SID, University Launch Design Research Effort

by WOHe

SID, University Launch Design Research

Washington, DC The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)
and the University of Minnesota have announced the development of a
clearinghouse for design and human behavior research that “will
revolutionize the way interior designers gather and use information
for design solutions.”

The Washington, DC-based ASID, which will fund the project over
the next four years, said that the clearinghouse will be headed by
the University of Minnesota’s Dept. of Design, Housing and Apparel.
The project will enable researchers to collect information from
design specialties, and translate those findings into
“practitioner-friendly information” that will be disseminated via
the Internet. The information will be be available to interior
designers and related design professionals, code officials,
legislators and others, the ASID said.

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