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One important fact for architects, designers and builders to remember about home theaters and media rooms is, when it comes to designing them, they’re not alone. Not only can electronics integration contractors be helpful, but audio/video equipment manufacturers can provide guidance, too.

“Most of what we’re doing is reaching out, letting [builders and architects] know which parts are important. We become partners with them,” says Jim Garrett, marketing manager, Harman, the parent company of brands that include Harman Kardon, JBL, Mark Levinson and Infinity.

“We work with the space at hand; we don’t say to architects and builders they must change a home to accommodate our products. That’s why we have a variety of systems, so we can match whatever they’re doing,” Garrett says.

One of these systems is the JBL Synthesis family of home theater products. The goal of the brand is delivering completely engineered systems. Customization is performed up front, eliminating guesswork, says Marc Kellom, vice president, marketing. “It’s flexible; it can be installed in a variety of rooms such as media rooms, listening rooms and home theaters. It’s extensively configurable. Whatever the constraints of a room might be, we have a solution,” Kellom says.

Turnkey solutions

Harman brands offer turnkey audio system solutions for any room in a house. The JBL Synthesis One Array system, for example, requires only a video source and display to be complete.

“We’re unique in that we provide completely engineered systems,” Garrett says, and clients are not left to assemble the components. In fact, buy a Synthesis package and a technician comes with it to fine tune it to the unique environment it’s in. “We are the guys who do movie theaters. When you go to the movies, our equipment is there. We bring our expertise into the client’s home. We provide theater for the home, not home theater.”

To remove any mystery about home audio issues, Harman is developing a white paper for the architect and builder audience. “There’s an intimidation factor of learning a new product category, and we want to make sure [architects and builders] can converse with the client about what the category entails,” Garrett says.

Harman’s family of brands provides architects and builders the ability to access many product categories under one roof, Kellom says. For more information, type #10 in E-Inquiry Form or visit

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