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Ottawa-based HealthCraft Products Inc. launched its Invisia Collection to make safety products an attractive part of bathroom design. The collection includes a towel bar, toilet-roll holder, soap dish, corner shelf and accent ring that contain integrated support rails, as well as the SerenaSeat, which received the most reader inquiries from the June issue, page 77. The fold-down seat is composed of Brazilian walnut panels with a choice of aluminum frame finishes—brushed nickel, powder-coat gray or triple-chrome plate.

HeathCraft Products is rooted in the health-care industry and has encountered many people who need extra support in the bathroom but aren’t ready to admit they need safety products. “We originally came up with the concept of making the Invisia Collection more attractive to make it easier for people to put those kinds of products into their bathroom,” explains Ian Crawford, HeathCraft Products’ marketing manager. “We’ve heard countless stories of people ripping toilet-roll holders or towel bars off the wall because they reached for them when falling. We wanted to make it easier for homeowners to install a towel bar that still works as a towel bar but just happens to support them.”

The SerenaSeat has a number of characteristics that make it a durable and attractive part of a bathroom:

  • In the foldaway position, the SerenaSeat has a 3-inch profile. Its machined precision tension hinge prevents the seat from inadvertently falling down.
  • Its removable backrest conceals the screws of the 15 1/2-inch mounting brackets, which spread the weight-bearing surface to sustain 450 pounds.
  • The removable backrest also allows access to wall tiles for easy cleaning.
  • Brazilian walnut, which is naturally resistant to moisture, mildew and decay, is up to three-times stronger than teak.
  • The seat is available in 18- and 26-inch widths; custom widths and finishes are available for large-volume projects.

Crawford adds the seat easily can be retrofitted into existing showers. “The 18-inch seat installs on 16-inch centers and the 26-inch seat installs on 24-inch centers,” he says.

“Installation is easy: The back wood panels slide out and you attach the frame to the stud. Simply slide the wood panels back into the frame and you are done.”

For more information about the SerenaSeat from HealthCraft Products, type 22 in E-Inquiry Form or visit

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