Choose the right partners to help you grow

by Tim Steingraber

One of the most critical elements to success in the building and design trades is resourcefulness—knowing how and where to get what you need, when you need it. When it comes to choosing the partners you work with, a partner that can meet a wide range of needs and offer prompt and knowledgeable support will help make your projects more efficient and productive.

For your kitchen and bathroom projects, the Kohler family of brands—specifically KOHLER® and STERLING®—offers a product portfolio, design assistance, and service and support network to meet the needs of nearly any project, from value-focused one-off remodels to ultra-luxurious high-rise condominiums. While the two brands differ slightly in material and design options, they both share an unwavering dedication to quality, performance, and reliability.

Of course, a true partner doesn’t simply sell you a product and move on to the next customer. A true partne ris as invested in your success as you are, taking pains to make sure they help you specify the perfect product and that the installation goes as intended, and assisting you in resolving any unforeseen circumstances.

One of the ways Kohler supports its trade partners is with its Pro Toolbox—an online compendium of resources to help make your projects more efficient, your jobs more productive, and your business more profitable. From specification tools and a training library to marketing materials, the KOHLER Pro Toolbox offers a one-stop-shop for your informational needs.

As the relationship between cleanliness and health has become all too clear over the past year, Kohler has risen to the challenge by providing trade professionals with products and resources that empower them to meet their customers’ demands for more hygienic living and working environments.

The concept of clean has always been a key component of Kohler’s heritage—dating back to when company founder John Michael Kohler created the company’s first bathtub by adding enamel and feet to a cast iron farm trough—but the range of products and technologies available today redefine what’s possible in kitchen and bathroom cleanliness.

Today, a homeowner can operate their kitchen and bathroom faucets, vanity mirrors, lighting, and toilets without touching them, in some cases using just their voice, helping prevent the spread of germs and making their daily routines more convenient in the process. As dramatic as the changes have been over the last 145-plus years, Kohler is looking beyond today and developing the products that will define modern living and support the trades for the next 145 years.

To explore the full range of products, technologies, and support available to trade professionals, sign up for the KOHLER Pro Toolbox today at Sign up is fast, easy, and free, and the site features frequent content updates to keep you up to date on the latest kitchen and bath news.

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