How to outsell your competition with exclusive leads

by Tim Steingraber

Remodeling companies are experts in their field – but may need help when it comes to finding new customers and growing the business.

That’s where a company called HomeBuddy comes in.

HomeBuddy finds prospects through various marketing channels, pre-screens them as good potential customers and then shares these prospects with local remodeling companies in the form of leads or in-person sales appointments.

Contractors are able to focus on their core business while still receiving exclusive leads to book as new customers. HomeBuddy only gives each lead or appointment to one contractor so there is no sharing or ‘double selling’.

The result of this exclusivity?

Homeowners aren’t flooded with sales calls from a bunch of different contractors so they’re more likely to be open minded and ready to book a project.

Ryan Pedersen, Director of Strategic Partnerships at HomeBuddy, says they try to do things a little differently, “We are interested in long-term relationships with our contracting partners – frankly, that’s the best way to run our business profitably. But to make that happen, we have to deliver exclusivity and quality in our lead generation – bottom line, contractors have to get more customers by working with us. Right now, 97% of contractors stay with us long-term once they test out at least 300 of our leads.”

Pedersen shared a few of the things HomeBuddy offers and why they have a 97% renewal rate with longer term clients

  • HomeBuddy provides exclusive, real-time leads OR sets in-person sales appointments;
  • Contracting companies only pay for leads or appointments as they are delivered (no upfront fees);
  • There are no long-term contracts to lock-in;
  • HomeBuddy handles all the CRM integration work so getting started is easy;
  • Over 8 years of experience in the home improvement industry and a strong understanding of the market (contractors and customers).

Hundreds of contractors across the country are using HomeBuddy to find new customers, including a company called Texas Home Improvement.

Dustin J., Freelance Marketing Director at Texas Home Improvement knows that one of the most important parts of his job is finding a steady stream of new customers to grow the business.

After working with lead generation services and getting mixed results because of low-quality, re-used leads, Dustin tested HomeBuddy.

“What was different about HomeBuddy compared to other lead generation services is the overall exclusivity of the lead is exactly the way that it’s sold to us. It’s actually exclusive.” Dustin said.

Because HomeBuddy delivered exclusive leads to Texas Home Improvement (and didn’t ever share those leads with other contractors), the result was a higher lead-to-customer conversion rate. Homeowners weren’t bombarded with sales calls so they were ready to listen when Texas Home Improvement got in touch.

Dustin is a fan of HomeBuddy, “I’m always happy to recommend HomeBuddy to anybody that wants to heighten their customer experience, generate high-quality, exclusive leads and overall elevate their business.”

The number of leads (or appointments) each contractor gets is different – it depends on the size of the local population, the need for specific contracting services in the area, how many leads the contractor needs or wants and so on.

Texas Home Improvement receives about 75 leads a day – the average contractor gets 15-20 a day while some of the larger companies get as many as 300/day. HomeBuddy works with each contracting partner to figure out what will work best and then designs a plan to make it happen.

Pedersen says, “We’ve focused on hiring the best people to make sure we are providing the most effective lead-generation service possible. We have a ‘crack’ advertising team and technical experts who know how to find ideal customers for our contracting partners. When you work with us, you get a personal partnership manager who makes sure you’re squeezing every little bit of value out of each dollar you spend on new customer acquisition.”

Pedersen’s approach seems to be working as HomeBuddy is growing significantly year after year and partnering with more contractors than ever before.

“Again – we can only succeed when our contracting partners succeed. That’s a simple fact, if we grow our clients’ business then they will stay with us – if we don’t… they won’t! And that’s something we are completely comfortable with,” Pedersen states.

HomeBuddy offers lead-generation services for contracting specialties including roofing, siding, waterproofing, kitchen, walk-in showers, walk-in tubs and many others.

Each day, HomeBuddy gets over 40,000 homeowners visiting their website looking for a contractor to complete a specific project. Every week the company delivers 8000+ exclusive leads to contracting partners.

We started working with HomeBuddy in June 2020. Our account manager was very clear on his expectations for our team before we signed the documents to start our campaign. This was a first for me to have a lead generation company explain and/or expect their expectations related to conversions.

We have excelled past HomeBuddy’s expectations and far past the expectations we set fourth prior to the start of the campaign. We average less than 10% marketing costs month over month. Our account manager is a pleasure to work with, I wish all of our lead generation partners were geared like HomeBuddy.

  • Bath Planet of Texas

“I work with several different lead generation companies and HomeBuddy is one of the best ones! We’re able to keep our marketing costs in check and I think that is due to how diligent the HomeBuddy team is at going over reports and making those little adjustments that can make a huge difference!”

  • Master’s home solutions

We have been using HomeBuddy for a little over a year and we are very happy with the results. We were struggling with lead aggregators that had really low set rates which was causing us to be over our marketing budget.

With HomeBuddy, we are at a very high set rate which is helping us hit our marketing goals within our budget every month! Thank you for your partnership!

  • YHIC

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