Pick one and profit: 10 equally important reasons to attend TOP 500 LIVE Oct. 18-19 in Columbus

by Patrick OToole

No. 10 — Moneymaking ideas to transform your ’23. TOP 500 LIVE is packed with top industry speakers and entrepreneurs sharing their best ideas for boosting revenue and profit in 2023. Use the conference to step over your competition. From lead-generation all-stars like Amy Zimmerman, Dawn Dewey and Rich Harshaw to Rodney Webb’s ‘owners camp’, the content—from start to finish—will boost your year-end finish and improve your 12-month outlook.

No. 9 — Your network on steroids. If connecting with other growth-oriented entrepreneurs is important to you—TOP 500 LIVE is your place. Since its inception, TOP 500 LIVE has consistently attracted top leaders in home improvement. And there’s ample opportunity to connect. From early-morning breakfasts to multiple ‘energy breaks’, lunches and two high-energy evening receptions—TOP 500 LIVE is networking nirvana. Our conference app gets you started. But only registrants are permitted to access it. Register here.

No. 8 — Business-technology breakthroughs. TOP 500 LIVE showcases new software and service solutions designed to help you grow. Plus, you’ll hear from tech leaders on the cutting edge, pushing the industry forward in new ways. Tech keynote speaker, Danny Fisher, CTO at West Shore Home shares details behind one of the most admired tech stacks in the industry. At West Shore, tech drives operational excellence, a rich customer experience and fast growth. In addition, our lead-gen speakers will drill down on how artificial intelligence is upending industry marketing.

No. 7 — Rodney Webb’s ‘Guardians of the Point’. Day-two keynote speaker Rodney Webb is known for his breakthrough sales strategies. But hundreds of home improvement pros also benefit from his ownership consulting—specifically, how to run businesses that drive more profit. Hear Webb’s unique and powerful ownership philosophy—Guardians of the Point. Want to go deep? Stick around for Webb’s 2.5-hour owners camp on Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2022.

No. 6 — Bootstrapped and booming. Hear secrets-of-success from Bob Quillen and Jason Phillips, two leading home-improvement entrepreneurs who quickly bootstrapped their businesses to strong growth and profit. Their ‘TOP 500 Talks’ clearly demonstrate that anyone with discipline, determination and the right business structures can achieve success beyond all expectations.

No. 5 — How to maximize today’s valuable leads. The costs of leads are high, regardless of the source. They’re sure to rise higher in 2023. Industry’s leading CEOs and consultant, Joe Talmon of Dave Yoho Associates, lays out one of the most important messages at TOP 500 LIVE 2022—the hiring, training, and mechanics of leading and running a highly effective sales force—worthy of handling your valuable leads.

No. 4 — The power and vision of private equity. From Audax and York to Gridiron and Huron, private-equity investors bring massive capital flows and game-changing business acumen to home improvement. The result: new, fast-growing national brands that are changing the competitive landscape nationally and at the local level—Leaf Home, Renovo and Renuity (Titan) just to name a few. Can you beat them? Maybe you’ll join them. Audax managing director Jay Mitchell and Daniel Gluck, formerly of York Capital, now CEO of Titan Holdings give you the power and vision of private equity players in home improvement.

No. 3 — The incredible value of frequent and focused sales coaching. QR columnist Scott Siegal of Maggio Roofing and John Martindale, CEO of Brothers Services Co. share the secrets of sales training methods developed over decades at Certified Contractors Network. Why coaching is so critically important today.

No. 2 — How to create highly efficient lead flows. TOP 500 LIVE 2022 offers the best lineup of marketing and lead-generation experts ever assembled in home improvement. Hear Amy Zimmerman of Tundraland/Leaf Home, Jill Ferguson of MaxHome/Renuity, Marci Katz of NEWPRO/Renovo, and Beth Biron of Reborn Cabinets/Renovo offer their advice on lead sources and tactics that are working best today. Each will make presentations followed by questions from the audience. In separate presentations Dawn Dewey, CMO of Dreamstyle/Renovo offers an action plan she relies on to drive effective lead flows in a segment called “Testing, Resting and Investing”. QR podcaster Rich Harshaw, one of the best marketing writers anywhere, offers the latest ideas for creating content that ranks high on search, driving clicks and leads through your website.

No. 1 — The drive for excellence in key fundamentals. In separate “TOP 500 Talks” Leaf Home’s chief sales officer, Chris Counahan and Scott Berman, CEO of Florida Window and Door break down the critical importance of executing key fundamentals at a high level of effectiveness. From scripting, memorization and focused ‘ride-alongs’ to canvassing, setting appointments and speedy follow-through and much more, two seasoned entrepreneurs demonstrate that success in 2023 is about execution of key home improvement fundamentals.

NEW — Success at the highest levels of business and athletics. TOP 500 LIVE is honored to present the leadership and business lessons of Ohio State University’s Athletic Director, Gene Smith. He is the keynote speaker at TOP 500 LIVE. After 18-years leading Ohio State’s athletic teams to dozens of conference championships and national titles, Smith sits squarely at the top of his profession. He holds a leadership position among his peers in the Big 10 conference and has played a key role in the conference’s aggressive growth initiatives. Smith will highlight what it takes to win at the highest levels of business and perhaps most significantly, how to develop a steady stream of young leaders. He will also take your questions.

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