Pros Know Best with ASCEND® Cladding

by Tracy Hegg

After 30 years as a remodeling professional, Steve Smith of Rooftop Designs thought he had seen everything until he learned about ASCEND® Composite Cladding from Alside. He was impressed by the advantages engineered into each exceptional-looking plank, and now enjoys ASCEND on his own home.

When Smith first got his hands on ASCEND, its robust, resilient feel stood out. He knew warping or buckling would not be an issue as the cladding aged or absorbed heat.

“There are a lot of things that impressed me,” said Smith. “If you want the benefits of high-end siding, you must have deeper pockets in some cases. And you can’t use standard trim, but with ASCEND you can use standard J-channel window trim. You don’t have the extra cost and complication where you’re constantly changing things out.”

Concerns about complicated installation work and ongoing maintenance are negated by ASCEND, Smith added.

“In my experience, not all siding is as clean and maintenance-free, so that’s why ASCEND Composite Cladding makes sense to us.”


Smith also likes that ASCEND’s light weight makes it easy to handle, and its self-aligning stack lock makes it easy to install using fewer laborers. Plus, no sealing, touching up, joint flashing or caulking is required. Plus, there is less mess and waste compared to fiber cement and engineered wood.


When the time came to give his own property new curb appeal, Smith selected ASCEND Composite Cladding. And with 20 on-trend colors, he’s confident in finding a perfect complement for practically any home style or owner preference that Rooftop Designs might encounter.

“When you really know the product, and go home to it every day, that comes across in the conversations with clients, and it’s how we operate. If I’m telling you this is better, then believe it because better residential construction materials and craftsmanship are what got us here.” Contractors and remodelers, there is something better.

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