TASK Lighting and Power: Solutions Made Easy

by Tim Steingraber

Written by Margaret McGrath

According to the latest data from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), 50% of homes in the United States were built before 1980. This fact indicates there will be strong demand for residential remodeling for the next several years.  Not surprising, kitchen and bath remodels are at the top of the list for homeowners. While many homeowners will choose to take on “simpler” improvement projects like painting and replacing fixtures, more complex projects that improve the flow and functionality of the space require professional expertise. Remodel professionals have an opportunity to differentiate their services by leveraging access to trade-grade products not readily available to the DIY market.  TASK Lighting and Power solutions are designed to address the unique challenges of kitchen and bath remodels with ease so professionals can save time and labor on every job. 

TASK’s Lighted Power Strip puts light and power out of site yet within easy reach.


TASK Lighting and Power got its start in the kitchen and bath industry. During the early 1980s, Ken Anderson was working as a certified kitchen designer in Kearney, Nebraska. At the time, fluorescent lighting was standard for kitchens, especially under-cabinet lighting. While an advocate for including lighting in kitchen design, Ken suffered from a condition called photophobia, an excessive sensitivity to light. It’s estimated that nearly 20% of the US population has photophobia. The flickering of fluorescent lights (up to 100 times per second) can cause headaches, fatigue and nausea. In addition, Ken found the design of the fluorescent lighting fixtures to be lacking and the light quality poor. Ken realized that if he wanted a better lighting solution, he was going to have to develop it himself. He also recognized that if he could manufacture the solution, he could serve the market with a higher quality alternative that would improve the overall quality of the kitchen design. 

In 1985, Ken and his wife Linda founded TASK Lighting in Kearney, Nebraska. The company’s first product was the first low-voltage (12VDC) light fixture made with miniature lamps used in automobile headlights.   The fixtures were designed for a range of kitchen cabinetry applications including under-cabinet, interior, toe kick, soffit, and cove lighting. The product was sold exclusively to trade professionals and quickly became the industry standard. 

TASK Lighting and Power has continued to innovate since the first fixtures were introduced. Today, all TASK Lighting LED products—from linear fixtures to tape lighting—exclusively use high-efficiency LEDs that provide maximum light output and consume minimal energy. TASK Lighting has developed extensive quality testing procedures for products and continues to assemble fixtures in Kearney, Nebraska.


Kitchen and bath applications are tough because the environments can be harsh (i.e., humidity in the bath or steam in a kitchen). In addition, integrating lighting and power without detracting from a designer’s vision for a space can be challenging. TASK met this challenge by developing the patented Angle Power Strip, a solution that provides easy access to electrical power without having to cut into kitchen backsplash and use traditional outlets. The Angle Power Strip discreetly installs under kitchen cabinets and eliminates the need for traditional outlets.

Lighting solutions are an essential element of any design whether the project is a fully custom kitchen, modular cabinet installation, or spacious outdoor living area. TASK Lighting offers a wide range of UL Listed, IP-65 rated products that are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications including decks, patios, and outdoor kitchens. Whether it is LED tape light, linear fixtures that combine light and power, or smart home-controlled lighting, TASK Lighting offers products that you can install in a wide range of projects with confidence. 

TASK’s Tunable-White Lighting allows users to personalize the color temperature.


In 2018, TASK Lighting became part of Hardware Resources, a leading manufacturer of decorative and functional hardware, cabinet organizers, kitchen cabinets, vanities, and more. The same year, Hardware Resources also acquired GAP Supply, a supplier of low-voltage linear lighting products. The combination of TASK and GAP Supply led to the introduction of advanced lighting technology products like TandemLED technology, the patented two-wire Tunable-White Lighting solution that can be integrated with smart home apps and voice-controlled devices like Amazon’s Alexa. 

As part of the Hardware Resources family, TASK Lighting and Power is collaborating to bring lighting and power innovations to new products like the patent-pending Powered Vanity Drawer. The Powered Vanity Drawer converts a standard bath vanity drawer into a hair styling workstation. It plugs into a GFCI outlet behind the vanity, so installation is fast and easy. It features a dovetail drawer equipped with an integrated Angle Power Strip that provides a two-plug receptacle for styling tools.

TASK Lighting and Power Solutions elevate kitchen designs.


Remodeling projects always have unique challenges, so it’s helpful to have access to experts that can help plan the lighting and power needs from the start. Just send the plans to the TASK Design Services Team, and they will create a lighting and power layout at no charge. They will take time to understand the project and make product recommendations that will help ensure the finished project is shown in its best light.

Patented innovation, smart technology, and expert design services make TASK Lighting and Power the easy choice for professional remodelers. Learn more at TASKLighting.com or contact Design Services at (866) 848-9094 or email DesignAndSupport@TaskLighting.com.

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