Stair Lighting Made Simple


Plug-and-play staircase lighting from i-Lighting is designed for simple installation, which involves cutting a hole in the riser, slipping in the light fixtures and plugging in the power supply. The company’s Stairlighting Kit is LED-based, which means energy efficiency and fewer bugs in outdoor installations.

Sean Ryan, director of sales and marketing for i-Lighting in North East, Md., says an idea born on a fishing trip with friends evolved into the lighting system, available mostly to the deck builder and remodeling contractor, as well as the DIY market to a limited extent. “We focus on the contractor market. We want to be that everyday lighting company so a contractor can use us for all his or her lighting needs,” Ryan says.

The Stairlighting Kit includes everything needed for installation indoors and out. “The power unit is guaranteed to light 50 lights, be they stair, post or deck lights,” Ryan says. “The power supply is simply plugged into an ordinary outlet, and you have 30 feet of extension cord to play with before encountering the first light.”

Installation requires all-wood or composite stairs or anything with a stringer and riser. A hole must be drilled in the riser for the fixture to fit in, daisy-chain style, wherein each light in the line is connected to the next.

“Because the lights are LED, there’s no heat, so no one suffers from contact burns. The plug-and-play engine means you won’t run into loose wire nuts causing light failure. The simplicity of it all means a contractor can spend half the time on installation labor,” Ryan adds.

The lighting system is designed to enhance visibility for all forms of indoor stairs. The outdoor version is designed to illuminate each stair tread for a dramatic effect while providing an added level of safety. Stairlights are available in white or black. The LED lights are rated for 100,000 hours (25 years if on only at night) and include a lifetime warranty.

Additional features and benefits include:

  • 80 percent-plus energy savings compared to incandescent lighting
  • LED lifetime guarantee
  • Sealed wiring and connectors
  • PhotoEye automatically turns lights on at dusk and off at dawn
  • Only one power supply needed to run multiple systems—up to 50 LED lights

For more information about the Stairlighting Kit, type 125 in E-Inquiry Form or visit

Comparative Companies:

Trex Co. has introduced energy-efficient LED dimmable deck lighting that is available in multiple colors to provide ambiance and security to an outdoor living space. Type 126 in E-Inquiry Form

Sylvania’s LED motion-activated Guideway Lighting Kit illuminates staircases, hallways or other paths. The motion sensor time length is adjustable up to one minute. Type 127 in E-Inquiry Form

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