State of the Union Update


There was no mention of the mortgage interest deduction in President
Obama’s State of the Union address. However, he did encourage
manufacturers to embrace new practices and become more competitive by
offering better products — more energy efficient products. He
even gave a shout out to solar panels at the beginning of his speech.
In addition, President Obama focused on jobs. The American Institute of
Architects released a response to his State of the Union commending his
discussion of jobs and energy efficiency.

“We are heartened by so much of what the President had to say
last night,” said AIA 2011 President Clark Manus, FAIA in the
response. “We applaud his emphasis on innovation –
an attribute that is so much a part of the architectural
profession’s culture.”

To highlight his focus on energy efficient manufacturers, the President
flew to Manitowoc, Wis. on Wednesday to give a press conference at Orion
Energy Systems
– a manufacturer
of energy efficient lighting products.

If you have questions for the President, today is your day. This
afternoon, President Obama will answer questions live on
YouTube. The Q&A takes place at 2:30 EST at

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