Storm Team Construction, Inc

by Emily Blackburn
Chad Simkins

Jupiter, Fla.
GQ All-time Recommend Rate: 91%
GQ 2021 Recommend Rate: 95%
Number of Jobs in 2021: 582
Type of Firm: Home improvement/Replacement, Roofing
CEO: Chad Simkins

Business technology and business software are offering new ways for remodelers and home improvement professionals to improve client experience and customer satisfaction. In what ways are you using software or technology to improve client experience?:

As technology is constantly changing, Storm Team Construction Inc continues to improve client experience through the utilization of software programs such as Job Progress. This software is fully customizable for our project workflow management and provides customer relationship management between our clients and our project managers. We are able to quickly estimate, quote, and schedule the various phases of the project lifecycle through a paperless mobile app and the collaborative platform will instantly notify the client that their project is moving through the various phases of completion.

Rising costs for labor and building materials along with higher inflation on everything else is forcing remodelers and home pros to raise prices dramatically. Tell us about the most effective ways you are passing along these rising prices to your clients?:

We do not pass the rising costs for labor and building material production to our customers. Material price increases are not new and we have been able to effectively absorb these increased costs by reducing our controllable expenses to stay within profit margins. When we incur additional costs during the production phase of the project, such as plywood, we pass the direct cost along to the customer and provide receipts so that we can maintain a high level of transparency with the client. This results in prompt payment upon completion and while we have lowered our profit margin across the board, the lack of collection issues and high standard of customer service has allowed us to remain profitable as a corporation.

Supply shortages have required you to ask clients to go back and pick another finish or building material. What are your tips for handing these product trade-off conversations?:

We value transparency and education when needing to go back and pick another finish for building materials. When we initially sign the client up, we explain the supply shortage situation to them and will often have them select their top 3 finishes, in order of preference. While we aim to supply and deliver their first choice, we have had instances where we need to go back and accommodate a second or even third choice. Since the customer has been educated on this possibility from the beginning, there is no surprise and the final results are still positive. We value transparency and constant communication with our clients and have not run into any surprises when it comes to supply shortages and needing to select an alternate finish for building material.

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